Pelagic fish (from the greek word “pelagos”) is fish that swims out in the open sea. The best known pelagic fish in Oman is indian mackerel, sardines, horse mackerel and king fish. 

Oman is one of the largest frozen fish producers in region and we are proud to be a part of this. Shortly, we process, supply and export high quality frozen fish products from Oman.


MACKEREL – Indian / Horse

The Indian mackerel and Horse Mackerel are one of the most preferred and consumed fish around the world.  Horse mackerel and Indian mackerel are very important fish for the market and is commonly used in Asian and world cuisines.

Size: 100 grams – 500 grams.

Round frozen / IQF in 10 or 20 kgs carton

SEA BREAM – Red / Threadfin / Silver

Seabream is a marine subtropical demersal fish. Mostly larger specimens are preferred for this fish, and these species are the most commonly consumed fish in the world. Iron and calcium in the content of sea bream, strengthen bones. It is also a source of protein. Therefore, it is beneficial for muscle development and digestive system. It avoids Influenza!

Whole Round / Descaled Dressed / Descaled Gutted

Produced in 10kg or 20 kg cartons


Sardine and pilchard are common names for various species of small, oily forage fish in the herring family Clupeidae.

Size as pieces per kilogram: 8-12 pcs, 15-20 pcs, 20-30 pcs, 30-40 pcs

Produced in 10kg or 20 kg cartons.


The capelin can be found in large parts of the Barents Sea. In January – February, it migrates towards the coast of North Norway, and when it is time to spawn, it moves into the fjords of Troms and Finnmark. There is also capelin north of Iceland, that migrates to the southwest coast of Iceland when they are ready to spawn.

Size: 0.5kg – 10kg

Produced in 10 or 20 kg carton


Kingfish are easily recognizable by their distinct yellow tails and fins. They are generally dark green in color and they are fast-swimming, streamlined carnivores with smooth scales.

Size: 3kg to 10kg

Produced as Whole Round / Dressed / Gutted / Steaks


They are widely consumed across the world in various cultures like in Japanese cuisine; they are most often found in the warmer parts of the oceans.

Size: 3kg to 15kg

Frozen Amberjack produced in 20 kg or non-standard cartons

TUNA – Yellow-fin / Skipjack / Bonito / Kawa Kawa / Long Tail

Tunas vary considerably, both within and among species. Tunas are elongated, robust, and streamlined fishes; they have a rounded body that tapers to a slender tail base and a forked or crescent-shaped tail.

Products offered: Whole Round / Gilled & Gutted / Dressed / Loins / Steaks

Varieties Offered: Yellow-fin, Skipjack, Bonito, Kawa Kawa, Long tail


Trevally belong to the Caranigidae family. The deep body, separated dorsal fins and row of ridged plates near the tail base are distinctive features of this species. Trevally are mostly plankton feeders. Trevally have medium to soft fillets. The flesh is marbled pink with a darker fat line that can be filleted out.

Size: 0.3kg to 7kg

Produced in 10kg or 20kg or variable carton sizes.


They have deeply forked tails, and some are mackerel-shaped with narrow, streamlined bodies. Scad eat other fishes and invertebrates. They are bluish or blue-gray on the top half of the body and silvery below.

Size as pieces per kg: 2-4 pcs / 4-6 pcs

Packed in 10kg or 20kg carton


These pelagic fish are named for their slim, ribbon-like appearance. They have an elongated and compressed body, a large head, low pectoral fins, a mouth in advanced military elongated teeth.

Size: 200-300g, 300-500g, 500-700g, 700-1000g, +1000g


Hilsa fish is one of the few fishes that is quite famous for its incredibly soft and oily meat. Hilsa Fish is rich in good quality fatty acids and Omega-3 that prevent coronary heart diseases in humans.

Size as pieces per kg: 2-4pcs / 4-6pcs / 6-8pcs / 8-10pcs / 10-12pcs

Produced in 10 kg or 20 kg carton


The mullets belong to a moderate-size family with a worldwide distribution in tropical and temperate marine waters. Mullets are torpedo-shaped fishes with horizontal mouths. They have two well-separated dorsal fins. The first dorsal has 4 spines.

Size: 200-300g / 300-500g / 500-1000g

Packed in 10kg or 20kg cartons


Catfish are known for their whiskers, or barbels, which help them taste and smell. Most catfish are toothless omnivores and range in size from around 10 feet long to the size of a toothpick.

Size: 0.5 kg to 7 kg

Packed in 10 kg / 20 kg / non-standard weights